Why sell your car for cash because we have the absolute best track record for buying cars we specialize in buying cars in the 0 to 4000 price range, What separates us are a few key things, one is we always pay cash to our customers or seller’s. When you sell your car for cash to us you never have to worry about receiving a check or about whether or not it will bounce.  We always will pay you above trade in value,   if a dealer contact you from an ad posting from Craigslist or sees a for sale sign they will always short you low-ball offers that are always below trade-in value for your cars. This makes the dealer happy but doesn’t do anything for you the seller and we guarantee that we will always pay above trade-in value for your vehicle. When you sell your car for cash to us, we will come to you when you sell us your car. When you contact us we immediately make you the seller the most important party in the equation and look to make the process of selling your car as easy as and streamlined as possible. Instead of us just taking down your contact info and asking what’s a good time for you to come to our office we take into consideration your busy schedule and will always ask if it’s alright or would it be easier if we came to you to buy your car. This allows us to free up some valuable time for you and take some of the unnecessary stress of selling your car. We remain humble while remaining in the knowledge that no other company in the state can compete with our prices. Both of these very vital key facts we offer when it comes to buying your car, but yet maintaining the most highest regard for our customer and that is you. We specialize in buying used cars in NJ and giving you the absolute best price is how we do it! NOBODY can say that they will ALWAYS pay you above trade in value. But we can and we do. The reason is that we are a small business owner with little to no overhead. So we dont have to low ball you to get in insane price on your car. Thats what separates us from any other used car buyer in NJ. Call Now 609-531-3609 We base all of our full cash offers from state of the art market research based off the year, make, model and mileage of your car. We are time and time again the company that pays the most for your car and take pride in doing so.