Sell Your Car for Cash in New Jersey

Selling your car for cash in NJ isn’t always as simple as you may think.  Posting a simple ad on Craigslist or the local classifieds nowadays presents its own problems too. Withh dealers trying to lowball the price and scammers around every corner, not to mention the ever present tire kicker who always ends up just wasting your time.

But thats where we come in to make the process of selling your car for cash in NJ a simple and easy process.

With our 3 step customer friendly system in place. You can rest assured that selling your car for cash in NJ will be a walk in the park and free from all the hassles that arise when dealing with unscrupulous tire kickers and dealers masquerading as buyers and their ridiculous low ball offers.

Steps to selling your car for cash

  • 1. Give us a call 609-531-3609 and tell us the year, make, model and mileage of the car.
  • 2. We then will do some simple market research and give you a cash offer right there on the spot.
  • 3. We then come out to you and give it a short test drive just to make sure its working and finally We pay you cash.

    Thats our entire system in a nut shell! While most places want to give you a check for your vehicle when you sell your car,in NJ, we give you cash. We also are the only company that guarantees to pay above trade in value for your vehicle.

When you contact us to sell your car for cash in NJ, We immediately spring into action with making sure that every step of the process is basic while at the same time customized to make it comfortable for our sellers. We understand you may have a busy life and we will always concede to work around your schedule when we are buying your car for cash.

Our cash for cars NJ team is a friendly family orientated business that have been in the car buying/selling industry for several decades, and have bought thousands of cars and given cash to countless happy customers. We are a  service-oriented staff ready to answer any questions you could possibly have about selling your car for cash. Fill out our form or call today to see exactly how we can help you sell your car fast, safe and fair.

Make no mistake about it.  We are not some strawman company that takes your phone calls and has you submit a form out online and then brokers your information to several different other companies that will harass you with phone calls and lowball offers. We actually LIVE in NJ. so when you contact us. We will literally come buy your car for cash the same day you call and we make an offer. That is what separates us from ALL the other so called car buyers in NJ (NEW JERSEY)

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